Monday, August 11, 2014

Life Cycle Service(LCS) - Deployment of Development and Test Environments

Life cycle services has just released the August update, with a lot of new enhancements especially for Dynamics AX environments. For a full information on the release details please checkout the LCS blog. One of the most significant changes in the August release of LCS update was the release of new Pre-Built environments for Development or Testing and Retail specific environments for Pre-sales and internal development for Partners. This is a very interesting development as these steps pave the way for a fully featured Dynamics AX 2012 deployment fully on the cloud for Production environment. LCS in the past couple of years has taken significant initiatives to streamline partner concerns on assisting AX projects with Sure step methodologies, Business process, Project Issue tracking, Environment hosting, etc. In a way LCS is slowly moving from a passive roles to getting more active and engage the Partner and customers in the project deployments.

To access these new features, create a new Project or an existing one and Click on the Cloud hosted environments. It is assumed that you have downloaded the LCS certificate and uploaded it to the Azure Portal to let LCS manage it on your behalf (Configuring and Deploying VM's).

Choose the + button to create a new Deployment,

As you notice now you have a lot more Beta environments that are prebuilt in this update compared to previous LCS releases. The new options available in the August release are,
  1. Developer/Test
  2. Retail E-Commerce
  3. Retail Essentials
  4. Retail Essentials Demo
  5. Retail Mobility
I chose to deploy the Retail Essentials Demo environment on my Azure for performing some demo scenarios. Click on Next and then relax, let LCS do all the job of copy, deploy and provision the new Demo Environment. It will take a couple of hours to get all the things up, you should be able to see the Environment getting ready on Azure. To login use the connect button on Azure to RDP to the deployed server. The User name and password to login can be found under LCS > Project > Cloud hosted environments > Environment

Enjoy doing a demo or perform a test or simply trying out the new features in AX 2012 R3 on your new Environment in under an hour.

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