Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dynamics AX Retail POS - Inventory lookup

We can view the stock levels of the Products directly from the Retail POS using the Inventory Lookup function. The function is applicable only for stock items and is a quick & easy way to check back the stock real time at Back office. To successfully view the stock levels make sure the following setups are configured correctly for the Store.
  1. Store inventory lookup option is checked
  2. Retail operating unit of the Store has a valid address 
  3. Atleast 1 Store locator group is defined
  4. Store is successfully published
  5. Product is linked to the assortment
  6. Product has a Physical Stock in On-Hand inventory
  7. Legal entity has Language and Address defined
To aid in additional checks, make sure the crt.Store view in the Retail Channel DB is able to show the Store correctly. If any you can view the joins to know all the related tables have been properly populated with data.

Retail POS Amount Decimal Places

I recently came across a scenario where the Retail POS suddenly started showing more than 2 decimal places. There are no changes in the Store or Retail configurations which could have triggered the sudden 3 decimal places to appear at the POS for the Amount fields. 

I was aware that the currency plays an important part in the decimal and rounding places. After a while found that the Currency form's Rounding Rules, Prices field with 4 decimal places when changed will affect the prices in Retail POS. So after I reset it back to 0.0000 instead of 0.0010, the issue went away. After the change make sure to run the Currency job to sync the changes to POS, log off and log back in to see the new changes. The rounding should now have come back to 2 decimal places.