Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dynamics AX 2012 Retail Loyalty Points Earnings are not updated Realtime from POS

Recently I came across an issue where the Retail Loyalty transactions are not updated real time back to the AX HQ. All the settings for Loyalty Programs, Schemes, Tiers and Cards were set correctly but the points update was elusive and we had no idea why it was not getting updated. When the same settings were done in an another environment it was working as expected, so we were quite sure there was some issue that was localized to the Retail POS, but not sure why it was happening.
Finally the resolution was a simple one, just Closing and Opening a New shift did the trick. It seems the settings even though are fully pushed to the POS, the loyalty specific settings was not used until and unless the worker had closed the shift. Then after this operation all the Loyalty points update was back to normal just as expected.

Please do note, if your Loyalty earnings are setup to process offline. Then they wont be updated real time that means the points shown is as of last processing of offline loyalty transactions. So the drawback is that the points cannot be used for redemption immediately. But the redemption transaction is realtime that means when the points are redeemed it is updated realtime back to HQ based on the balance points that he already has in his card.

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