Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Life Cycle Services(LCS) and Deployment of AX 7 instance

As by now everyone should be aware that the direction for manageability of AX services will be handled from LCS (Life Cycle Services), in fact you can maintain your complete project repository including the infrastructure details from within the LCS. To the extent you can even raise a support request and Microsoft support will be able to effectively collaborate with the Partners and Customers to resolve the issues. Microsoft has done a significant amount of investment in this area and is now started reaping the rewards as more and more partners are engaging LCS for the Project activities.
LCS Project tools with cloud environments
I recently deployed a CTP8 demo instance via LCS and they have made the user interface so friendly that you can get your demo instance up and running on Azure in just a couple of hours. You will know the deployment is complete once the LCS status changes from Deploying to Deployed. At this moment you will be able to view all the services of the Demo instance, like the access URL for AX 7, Cloud POS, Storefront site and AX 7 trial experience page. The trial experience is basically a guided walkthrough for new AX 7 users on the different UX features introduced in the new version.

AX7CTP8 Cloud instance deployed

Scroll further down on the LCS page, you should be able to see all the user accounts created and deployed by LCS for the services. Click on the Login to AX7 using the office 365 account and you are good to go start browsing and accessing the AX 7 functionalities from the web. If it is your first time logging in to AX 7, just remember to use the trail experience to understand the Module menu’s and search functions. Finally start exploring, my next post will focus on the Retail part where I’ll be deploying a Cloud POS device. Stay tuned!

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