Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Retail Time Clock Entries

If you have been using the Retail Module, you might have noticed there are couple of operations called Time Clock and View Time Clock.

The time clock operations enable the Store to capture the Cashier/Supervisors working shift schedule by capturing their clock in/out information. The functionalities enables HQ to capture the exact times that a cashier has come for work, duration of breaks and when he signed off for the day. This is not linked to the Login/Log off details of the cashiers but built as a decoupled functionality to store the time registrations for employees.
The huge potential that we can see it is fully integrated with the Retail and HR module, enabling you to generate working time reports or send this data to payroll systems to process the cashiers salary. Please do note the operations performed in the Time clock entries are all real time meaning the Terminal should be fully online and active connection available to make the time clock entries. Before you can start using the Time registration for Employees, make sure to activate Time registration in terminals for those employees.
After you have made some Clock in/Break For Lunch/Clock out, you can immediately start seeing the Time registration transactions under the Worker > Time Registration Tab > Journal Registrations.

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